General Info


We do our absolute best to get your order out within one business day, sometimes two if it's during the race season. We're a small squad and travel to the race track, so if your order is placed on a Friday, during the season we'll get it out by Tuesday when we get back to the shop.

Returns / Exchanges

ABR's returns and exchanges policy can be found by clicking here.

Autograph requests

Unfortunately due to Alex's schedule, we are unable to accept any autograph requests at this time. We ask that you do not send anything in to be signed as we will not be able to return it to you.

Diecast pre-orders

Any diecast pre-order dates are set by Lionel, as soon as we receive the product from them, we'll get them shipped out to you. Typically diecasts take around six months to produce once the order is put in.

Other pre-orders

If you have an item on an order that's in stock with an item that is on pre-order, we will ship what we have in stock right away, and the pre-order item will be sent as soon as we get it in.

Thank you for your support of ABR!